6 Tips for Creating a Powerful Email Nurture Campaign for Your Lead Magnet

If you are a reader of our blog, you know we've shown you everything from how to find the perfect lead magnet topic to 10 things that all lead magnets that convert have in common to the tools you can use to build and promote your lead magnet. And while creating the perfect lead magnet ...

Improve SEO by Finding the Right Keywords for Your Blog

Blogging is a marketing strategy that many businesses use to build influence, showcase products/expertise and drive traffic to their website. This strategy only works, however, if people are able to find your blog. For businesses that […]

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7 Elements Needed to Write the Perfect Blog Post

As a business, you want to produce valuable and engaging content that’s going to keep people coming back to your website. Blogging is a excellent tool for this and we believe critical for every small business. […]

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Discover the Ideal Blogging Frequency for Your Small Business Blog

In 1994, Swarthmore student Justin Hall created the first blog ever, Links.net. Almost a quarter a century later, blogging has become a critical component of the online marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. However, one question […]

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13 Tech Tools to Help Run a Smoother Small Business Operation

With more and more people opening small self-run or family-run businesses, it is important to take advantage of every tool available to help run that business smoothly. With often no time to spare, finding the right […]

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5 Marketing Tips for Creating a Successful Small Business Newsletter

The truth is, ideas are overrated. Do a Google search and you’ll find lists of 10, 20, 50 or more ideas for small business newsletters. Great. What do you do, cherry pick a couple that look […]

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How to Clean Out Your Computer for Optimal Performance

Were you aware that the second Monday of every February is what’s known as Clean Out Your Computer Day? Any guess as to why this merits a yearly (albeit non-traditional) holiday? Well, it’s probably because our […]

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6 Best Practices to Kick Your Outbound Marketing into Overdrive

You’ve got your inbound marketing covered. Visitors to your site can sign up for an offer or subscribe to your blog. Once on your list, you’ve got a sales funnel in place, showing you understand your […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

When most people hear about standard operating procedures, or SOPs, they often think about a large corporation with hundreds of employees and pages and pages of documented processes. Rarely does one hear the words small business […]

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10 Ways to Beat Stress as an Entrepreneur

One may argue that feeling stressed is the natural state of being for an entrepreneur and that unless you suffer from the strain of stress, you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Yes, it is true […]

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7 Ways the Game of Content Marketing is Just Like Professional Football

When you love your job, it naturally seeps into everything you do. You think about it at odd times. You see parallels in seemingly unrelated things. And suddenly you’re writing about content marketing and professional football. […]

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