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Grab the Ultimate Guide to Creating and Promoting Lead Magnets!

If you want to grow your email list and fill it with qualified prospects, use this 116-page digital guide and workbook to create the perfect lead magnet and promote it!

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creating and promoting a lead magnet - workbook

Learn Step-by-Step How to Create and Promote a Lead Magnet

This 116-page digital guide and interactive workbook includes everything you need to know about building a high-converting lead magnet for your small business! Chapters include:

  • Planning You Lead Magnet - The Big Picture
  • Selecting a Topic for Your Lead Magnet
  • Choosing a Lead Magnet Format
  • Finding Inspiration for Your Lead Magnet
  • Creating Your Lead Magnet
  • Organizing a Follow-Up Campaign
  • Promoting Your Lead Magnet

... and more!


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Use the Interactive Worksheets to Plan Out Every Phase of Your Lead Magnet!

Apply the process we outline in the guide to build your own lead magnet or optimize your current lead magnets by using our interactive worksheets, checklists, and exercises.

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With a High-Converting Lead Magnet You'll...

Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list with prospects who are an ideal match for your
products and services.

Build Relationships

Get the opportunity to talk to prospects and build a relationship in their
most personal virtual space - their inbox.

Position Yourself as an Expert In Your Industry

position yourself as an expert in your industry, so when your
prospects have a question related to your topic or area, they immediately think of

Gain Customers in a Warm and Authentic Way

Gain new customers in a way that feels warm and authentic -
you understand where your prospects are and the problems they
face, and you genuinely want to help them, both with your free
and paid resources.

Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

More qualified prospects that trust you and see value in your expertise, will automatically lead to an increase in sales. It's the best way to grow your small business for continued growth!

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Ready to Grow Your Email List and Grow Your Small Business?


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