How Video Marketing Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy
How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Most people prefer to learn about a product before deciding to buy it. For this reason, digital marketing strategies are essential for success. But not all digital marketing strategies will yield the same results. Businesses need to explore various marketing options, including one that has proved especially helpful in recent years: video.

Videos have become essential to how people interact with the world and are an extremely powerful and successful marketing tool in 2022. Why? For one, videos are more engaging than written content and are far easier for people to digest information. Additionally, videos make it easier for viewers to get a feel for a product or service and how it functions before making any kind of commitment or purchase.

Here are 11 ways video can influence your digital marketing strategy.

11 Ways Video Marketing Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are looking to amp up your digital marketing strategy, then you’ve got to consider adding video to your strategy. Here are 11 reasons why!

Video Marketing Can Increase Your Revenue

Product or service videos are extremely engaging because they highlight the benefits of what you offer and what people want to buy. Because video marketing gives the viewer more information than just words, videos are highly effective at influencing buyers to make a purchase.

How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Revenue

Video marketing can also increase sales by showing customers how their products or services will enhance their lives by giving them more information without being too wordy or boring. This can help to push them in the direction of making a purchasing decision.

Video Marketing Can Increase Brand Awareness

Video marketing can increase brand awareness for businesses because it allows them to visually broadcast a message to their target audience. Videos allow a business to include their company’s personality so people can see who they are and what they stand for behind the products or services they sell. Once people know what you stand for, they are more likely to trust you and the products or services you offer them.

Video marketing aims to increase brand awareness and bring in new customers. A video posted online can be viewed by anyone at any time, which means anyone can share it at any time. This makes videos an extremely useful tool for increasing brand awareness. People can find your company’s videos when they are looking for something to solve a problem or give them information about something they need help with or want to buy.

Video Marketing Helps You Build Trust With Your Audience

A business can build trust with its customers by making videos that showcase its brand’s personality and how they interact with clients or customers daily. The viewer can also see first-hand how a company operates and its day-to-day lives.

How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Trust

All in all, video marketing is extremely useful because it can influence so many aspects of a business’s digital marketing strategy. Perfectly crafted videos can improve your reach, and increase brand awareness and sales by providing more information about your business to those who watch them.

Video Marketing Can Help You Expand Your Reach

Videos are the perfect way to open your company up to new audiences by allowing you to be more easily found by people who might not be aware of your existence in the first place.

When you have a video posted on the internet, it can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. Businesses using video marketing can reach customers globally, which can help expand their reach.

Video Marketing Improves SEO and Search Engine Ranking

Search engines like Google now use videos when people search for their products or services. Businesses using video marketing can boost the search results for the products and services they sell. If people are looking for your company’s products online and search for them, your video will be at the top of the search results on Google because it is highly relevant to the topic of what people are looking for.

Video marketing can also improve your rank in external links from other websites, increasing your reach when your videos are posted on their sites.

Video Marketing Makes Your Website More Effective

Videos can be effectively used throughout your website to give it a boost. Most websites now have videos on their home and service/product pages. But beyond that, smart marketers are adding videos to embedded video widgets, or even in banner ads. Having videos on your site encourage people to stay longer to watch the video, thus increasing time on site stats (which Google uses to evaluate the value of a website).

How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Website More Effective

Creating videos that provide information relevant to their everyday lives means that it is of value to them. The more useful and valuable information your company can give the viewer, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Video Marketing Can Boost Leads

When we talked about what elements every 2022 content marketing strategy must have, there is a good reason we included video.  Videos are an excellent tool for generating qualified leads because they can show people how a product works and what it does. Information about the products you sell will be relevant and helpful for the person watching the video, which means that they are more likely to view it and share it with other people. This results in getting more leads generated from the video.

Video Marketing Can Increase Social Media Reach

Videos are excellent for social media because they allow you to share a company’s personality with its audience. Videos can be posted on all social media sites, allowing you to more effectively share information about products and services online.

Thanks to many new DIY software tools, making a video for your business is easier than most business owners think. You can create stunning videos using a video maker tool like InVideo, the tool our team at VirTasktic uses to create videos for our clients and our own business. They make it so simple to create quick videos sized for social media, your website, or any other platform you want to post to!

Video Marketing Can Increase Knowledge and Conversions

Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a sales pitch and then finding out that you still don’t have all the information you need to make a purchase.

How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Conversions

Videos help businesses increase their audience’s knowledge by providing information on how a product works and what it can do for them. People are more likely to share this information with others online, so your company can begin to build a brand around something relevant to people’s everyday lives.

To get more conversions, all you have to do is make the video engaging to encourage the viewer to take action by watching or sharing it with others.

Video Marketing Can Improve Your Reputation

By using videos in your marketing, you can show people that you are an expert in your field by providing information they might not have known before. It also shows that you are knowledgeable about a topic, which may give your company a more reliable image to people looking to buy your products or services.

You can also create videos of testimonials from clients showing how satisfied they are with your products and services. The viewer will feel like they know what it is like to work with your company because of the information they have seen. This leads to increasing brand recognition and improving a business’s reputation.

Video Marketing Increases Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

People are likelier to be loyal to a company they know and trust. Video allows you to make that deeper connection with your prospects.

Video allows you to show how you run your business and the knowledge you have around the solution they need from you. This transparency deepens your connection, even without ever working directly with that prospect. What a great way to kick off a long-term relationship!

Get Started Adding Video to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Hopefully, by this point of the blog post, you realize why adding video to your digital marketing strategy is a smart decision. It works to build sales, customer loyalty, and your overall brand reputation.


And getting started with video is much easier than you may think and much more affordable than you probably know. But, if you need some help, or want to talk about how you can add video to your digital marketing strategy so it boosts your online visibility and reputation, just reach out and let’s chat!

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