How Videos Can Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Video Marketing Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Most people prefer to learn about a product before deciding to buy it. For this reason, digital marketing strategies are essential for success. But not all digital marketing strategies will yield the same results. Businesses need to explore various marketing options, including one that has proved especially helpful in recent years: video. Videos have become ...
35 Social media Content Ideas - Virtasktic

35 Social Media Content Ideas for Boosting Engagement

When it comes to marketing your business, everyone can agree that in 2022 every business should have a presence on social media. But social media marketing is challenging. It takes time. It takes experience. And sometimes, it feels like your efforts aren’t working. Today, we're sharing 35 social media content ideas for boosting engagement. Looking ...
How to Fill Your Sales Funnel with Lead Generation Strategies - VirTasktic

How to Fill Your Sales Funnel Using Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is essential for business growth. After all, it's how you fill your sales funnel with prospects. But to be effective, you have to understand lead generation and the various types of marketing strategies that will help fill your sales funnel. That's what we are going to cover today! So let's dive in so ...

How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform for Your Business

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your small business. It can drive engagement, build relationships, and when used effectively, it can provide a return of as much as $36 for every $1 spent. But how do you know what email marketing platform is right for you and your business? Choosing ...
15 Strategies to Increase Podcast Audience Engagement - VirTasktic

15 Strategies to Increase Podcast Audience Engagement

You’ve started a podcast to help promote your business or brand and you are doing all the right things to make your podcast a success. But you still aren’t seeing the number of podcasts subscribers or the audience engagement you need to take your podcast to the next level. Let’s look at 15 strategies you ...
Why Email Marketing Is a MUST for Small Business

Email Marketing: Why It’s So Powerful for Small Business and How to Get Started

As a small business, there are many ways to reach your customers. Content marketing, paid media, and direct mail, to name a few. But if you're trying to get the most bang for your buck, you can't overlook email marketing. According to Litmus, email marketing gives you a return of a whopping $36 for every ...
5 Things Your Blogging Content Calendar Might Be Missing - VirTasktic

5 Things Your Blogging Content Calendar Might Be Missing

Blogging is a cornerstone of content marketing - and for good reason. Statistics show that businesses that blog actively get 97% more inbound links. The key to success with blogging is having a well-thought-out strategy and plan, which is why so many marketers use a blogging content calendar. In this blog, we are going to ...
The Official Guide to Unofficial Holiday Marketing - VirTasktic

The Official Guide to Unofficial Holiday Marketing

Unofficial holidays are becoming increasingly popular across the internet and social media. If your small business isn’t using them in marketing yet, then now is the time to jump in. This guide will share all the tips and strategies you need to get started with unofficial holiday marketing today. Let’s go! What Are Unofficial Holidays? ...
new blog topic ideas - virtasktic

11 Smart Ways to Develop New Blog Post Topics

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing is how to develop new blog post topics that resonate with your target audience, generate value, and bring more people to your website. I mean, come on, who has the time to find not just good content ideas, but great content ideas that are relevant to your ...
Your 2022 Marketing Strategy is INCOMPLETE without these 7 Things!

Your 2022 Content Marketing Strategy is INCOMPLETE Without Considering These 7 Things!

Did you know that in 2021, 43% of marketers increased their content marketing budget and that in 2022, 63% of marketers expect to increase it again? Do you know why? Because content marketing works and delivers the best ROI for small businesses. But to be successful, you need a well-thought-out content marketing strategy. So let’s ...
Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost Holiday Sales - VirTasktic

Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost Holiday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber-Monday of 2021 are behind us, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to further boost holiday sales. Keep your marketing efforts rolling with these last-minute holiday marketing ideas and examples that […]

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The Best Time to Post on Social Media to Increase Engagement

The Best Time to Post on Social Media to Increase Engagement

You’ve spent countless hours creating content with the hope that you’ll get higher levels of engagement and click-throughs to your website when you post on social media. But did you forget one important thing: understanding the […]

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How to Start a Podcast In 8 Simple Steps

How to Start a Podcast In 8 Simple Steps (plus 9 Tips for Podcasting Success!)

One question we get all the time from clients is, “Should I have a podcast? Is it worth investing in?” Our answer is almost always YES! So, now let’s discuss how to start a podcast and […]

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9 Steps to Create a Landing Page that Converts

9 Steps to Create a Landing Page that Converts

As a small business, one of your top priorities should be building a list full of qualified leads that will hopefully convert to lifelong customers. One way of doing this is by making sure your website […]

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ultimate guide to promoting your lead magnet - virtasktic

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Lead Magnet and Getting More Subscribers

You’ve completed work on your lead magnet, and you’re excited to put it on your website. Once it’s there, you can kick back, relax, and watch the leads pour in.  Right? Even if your website currently […]

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Guide to Content Marketing

A Complete Guide to Content Marketing

As a small business, deciding how to spend your marketing dollars so you get the biggest bang for the buck can be difficult. So today, we want to share with you our complete guide to content […]

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6 Tips for Creating a Powerful Email Nurture Campaign for Your Lead Magnet

If you are a reader of our blog, you know we’ve shown you everything from how to find the perfect lead magnet topic to 10 things that all lead magnets that convert have in common to […]

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Content Marketing During a Crisis: Your Big Chance to Give Back and Show Your Heart

Times like these, it’s scary to even turn on the news. As the number of coronavirus cases rises, so does the fear and anxiety of individuals and businesses alike. So, is this the time to shut […]

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14 Powerful Tools to Create Lead Magnets that Convert

According to the State of Inbound 2018 report, 63 percent of those surveyed said their biggest challenge was lead generation. Twenty-nine percent also said that finding the right technology for their business was problematic. In the […]

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How to Effectively Use LinkedIn Pulse to Boost Your Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, there are so many different strategies and ways to further your reach and drive more traffic to your website. Today we are going to focus on one that many small […]

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