How to Promote Your Business in a Blog Post (Without Being Obnoxious)


A business blog is a great way to increase relevance with your audience, tell them things they need or want to know, and spread the word about your company. But, how can you meet the third goal and promote your business without making it seem like you’re stuffing things down people’s throats?

promote your business in a blog post

Keep reading to learn some valuable strategies for consistently delivering content that delights your visitors and promotes your business simultaneously.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business in a Blog Post Without Being Obnoxious

One of the first lessons we learn in marketing is to make sure you make it about ‘them’ and not ‘you’. While it seems easy, many often get it wrong and it can be an absolute turn-off to their audience.

Here are five ways you can promote your business in your blog while still adding strong value to your audience.

Relate Topics Back to Your Audience

Your blog makes it easy to discuss progress that affects your business. For example, you might be expanding to a new location and having a grand opening celebration at the new place. Or, maybe you’ve just started using a new eco-friendly packaging. However, there’s a fine line to walk while discussing those accomplishments without sounding pompous.

Take a smart approach by telling audiences why they should care about the things your business achieved. Let’s look back at the examples in the paragraph above. Maybe you’ll be giving away vouchers for free stuff at the grand opening event. Perhaps that packaging that’s kind to the Earth is also easier for consumers to open. When you can take pride in recent happenings and convey why those things matter to your audience, you’ve struck blogging gold.

Show Awareness of Who’s Reading the Content

Maybe you’re trying to write blogs for the masses and haven’t taken time to define your target audience. If that’s the case, you risk people getting bored because they don’t feel like what you’re discussing fits with the things they face in their lives.

Start by figuring out which problems your business solves for customers. Also, find out the names of competitors and angle things to make it clear that you’re doing things better — or at least differently — than similar companies in the marketplace.

promote your business in a blog post - know you audience

Also, pay attention to the things your customers ask about most often. Our customers at VirTasktic are most interested in learning about best practices in online marketing and business operations, so that is where we focus our energies and what we write about. In fact, many of our blogs come from the questions we get daily from our clients. We figure if they want to know… so do many others who read our blog.

By doing all these things, you’ll show you’re listening to your visitors and crafting content that is genuinely valuable to them. As a result, you can look forward to traffic from highly engaged, appreciative people.

Mix up the Kinds of Posts You Write

Variety makes people interested and makes them more likely to linger on your website. Rehab Center Marketing offers some tips to help rehab centers vary up their blog topics, but they’re applicable to many other industries as well. You can vary your blog topics between informational posts, advice columns, recent news coverage, and personal stories.

Writing different kinds of blog posts will also give you new opportunities to promote your business.

Rather than writing branded blog posts about how your company just launched a new service or how customers can use your software, you could write an advice column that ties into your software niche or examine how your new service relates to a piece of national news.

Publish Shareable Content

The public plays an active role in promoting your business when its members are willing to share the posts you create. That is why it’s crucial to write posts people are excited to share. Keep track of trending topics and determine whether there are ways to link your business in with what’s popular.

promote your business by creating blogs people want to share

For example, maybe people are excited about the return of a beloved TV series that stars an extremely fashionable millennial that people love to mimic. If your business sells clothing, accessories or even beauty products, you might suggest that the items could help interested people get ever closer to their appearance-related goals. That’s a straightforward way to connect your company with something that’s on people’s minds without seeming fake or forced.

Keep in mind that people love actionable tips, too. We created a post that shared 6 creative ways to repurpose your blog posts.  It featured short paragraphs and ideas that readers can try right away, which resonates with the audience meaning we have a higher likelihood of going viral.

Become a Guest Blogger

Promoting your business through blog posts might also involve writing for other sites as a guest blogger. That option allows you to get your content out to audiences other than your own. When trying to gain traction as a potential guest blogger, be sure to follow pitch and submission guidelines carefully. If chosen as a blog contributor, you’ll likely get details about whether you can include a bio with a direct link to your business. Be sure to capitalize on that chance if it exists.

Try these tips to take your promotional efforts to greater heights. They’re useful whether you’ve just started blogging or have done so for years.

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  1. I would like to share few things that worked for my blogging habit. The first and most thing is the human face. The blogging is all about interaction with real people. People will get engage faster if there is the human face on the blog. The post writer or author should describe him professionally to tell readers that he/she is expert in this matter. The connection with the author builds the trust and people will share your content with their friends.

    The second important factor is the niche that you select. Choose the topic in which you have in-depth knowledge. You have to share the real information that you have experienced personally. People should feel you are the expert in the industry.

    These points are crucial for running a successful blog.

    Thank you

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