3 Types of List-Style Blog Posts You Can Write to Win More Readers


Not so long ago, we wrote an article on how to write engaging headlines that don’t suck. One of the tips we provided was to write headlines that include a number because according to research they receive 20% more clicks. Writing list-style blog posts gives you the perfect opportunity to get a number in your headlines!

HubSpot recently published the results of an analysis they performed on their most shared blog posts from 2017. Guess what they found? Just a little under half (but still the majority) of those posts had a number in the title. Why are they so popular? Probably because the reader knows exactly what is going to be discussed and what outcome they can expect.: 5 Tips, 13 Strategies or 100 of the Best… it is pretty clear, right? Here one of Hubspot’s graphs.

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3 Types of List-Style Blog Posts That Will Win More Readers

Want to make use of numbers in your headlines and start appealing to more readers? Then you need to write list-style blog posts. Below, we will give you three examples of list-style blog posts that rock (and that you should start using right now!):

1. Curated List-Style Blog Posts

Of all the types of list-style blog posts you could write, this is probably the easiest. That is mainly because it is more about researching and trying to find content from others than about writing your content from scratch.

There are many ways you can curate content for a list:

  • Use a tool like Feedly to find pieces of high-quality content from others worth sharing.
  • Give a shout-out to a list of influencers.
  • Compile inspirational and relevant quotes.
  • Pull together a list of related and relevant statistics.
  • Collect user-generated content in the form of photos, videos, or memes.

Curated lists of content are fantastic. They are easy to compile, easy to write, and tend to get a lot of shares because these posts are not about you. They are about gathering the best-of-the-best in one place for your reader’s benefit.

Remember, however, that curated lists do still require thought and care when creating them. It is not enough to just put together a long list of quotes, photos, or links. Think about structuring these posts in a way that makes it easy for your readers to consume.

Want an example of a curated list style post? Check out our article, 7 Powerful Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

2. “Best of” List-Style Blog Posts

You have seen “best of” list-style posts before. They are often found on websites like Ranker and Buzzfeed, as well as reputable review sites like Consumer Reports and Digital Trends. The primary goal is to provide readers with a roundup of relevant and helpful recommendations.

Depending on what type of business you are in, this could take any number of forms:

  • A list of the most impressive responsive websites?
  • The funniest holiday movies to watch when you are trying to unwind after work?
  • A compilation of the most insightful case studies released in the last year?

Keep in mind that you should never label something the “best” if you are not willing to stake your reputation against that claim. If you are going to recommend something to your readers, you should vet, test, or at least strongly support whatever it is.

list-style blog posts - top 10 list

When writing a “best of” list-style blog post you should also keep the number of recommendations manageable. If you are providing a list of tools or resources, for instance, people do not need 100+ suggestions. You are just giving them more work to do in that case.

Keep it simple and keep it honest.

Want an example of a “best-of” list-style blog post? Check out our article 6 Accounting Software Tools Perfect for Small Business.

3. Tips List-Style Blog Post

A tips-focused post is a way of breaking down a process in the simplest of terms. These are usually accompanied by lots of images and screenshots to keep the amount of text at a minimum while still succinctly but accurately delivering the message to readers.

The key to crafting posts of this nature is in the logic of them. Tips, tricks, secrets–whatever you want to call them–need to be delivered in a straightforward and common sense manner. They also need to be correctly structured for better scannability.

  • Number each point.
  • Craft a descriptive header.
  • Quickly describe the tip.

Also, don’t forget to write a relatable and gripping introduction. When you are delivering a list of tips, you are providing a solution to a problem. Readers need to believe that you truly understand what that problem is in the first place.

Want an example of a tips list-style blog post? Neil Patel is the master of these types of posts: check out Here’s How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Backlinks to Steal Their Hard Work.

Ready to Get Started with List-Style Blog Posts?

100+ Habits of the Most Successful Marketers

16 of the Best Places to Get Deli Meat in Delaware

9 Crazy Ways to Make Your Dog Love You More

See how descriptive those are? Not only that, but they include real numbers; numbers which indicate a few different things:

  • How much work will you need to put into reading this post?
  • How much value can you expect to get from it?
  • Is there the potential to learn something you didn’t already know?

This is why you should be writing list-style posts for your blog.

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  1. Great ideas on the list posts. I find them the easiest to write especially when you are running out of ideas or going through writer’s block. Thank you for sharing this, Cheers!

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