How to Know If You Need a Content Writer for Your Small Business Blog

How to Know If You Need a Content Writer for Your Small Business Blog

A recent HubSpot study found that B2B businesses that share new content to their blog at least once or twice a month get 70% more leads than those that don’t blog. This means there are major benefits to keeping your site updated with fresh content. However, if you’re running a small business, you should be focused on working ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ the business and blogging, well, it can get in the way of that. The question then becomes: Should you hire a content writer for your small business blog?

Should You Hire Someone to Write for Your Small Business Blog?

Here’s something to think about: Would you second-guess outsourcing something like accounting, especially if you’re not good with numbers, have no accounting experience or knowledge and just don’t like that type of business task? Probably not. You would want an expert to handle that for you. So, what about writing for your blog? Is that something that you enjoy and feel you are skilled at and understand all of the elements that make a blog successful? If not, shouldn’t you hire an expert to do it for you, just like your accounting, so you can focus on things in your business where you lend more value?

If you are not sure, take a look at these ways a professional content writer can help your business and then take our little quiz to see if it’s time for you to hand over your blog to someone who can help you grow your business!

How a Writer Can Help Your Small Business Blog

In many cases, it can be highly beneficial for small business owners to outsource the writing of their small business blog to an expert.

how a content writer can help your small business

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • It will free you up to focus on running your business.
  • You will be able to produce more quality blog content regularly, which is excellent for SEO.
  • More high-quality content allows for more sharing on social media.
  • Delivering high-quality content that speaks to your specific audience is a great way to distinguish yourself as an expert and authority in your space.
  • Visitors/readers/customers will appreciate the added value, consistency, and reliability of your musings, which is something Google likes to see for ranking your site.

Another definite advantage to having a professional writer provide content for your small business blog is that they have a deep understanding of how to write to maximize your blog. For example, do you know these 9 blogging terms or how to optimize your SEO to increase your ranking on Google? If not, then hiring a content writer could be an advantage for your business.

Professional writers can also create social media content to promote your blog that shares the same tone and voice. This ensures a clear identity for your brand across all platforms and can lead to higher engagement.

10 Questions to Help You Determine If You Should Hire a Content Writer

To help you determine if it is worth hiring someone to write for your small business blog, we’ve created ten questions you should ask yourself. If you have more “Yes” responses than “No” in the end, then it’s worth hiring someone.

  1. Does it take you more than two hours to write a 600-word blog post?
  2. Could your time be better spent on other business tasks than writing?
  3. Do you have a clear idea of your blog’s primary purpose? Is it to grow your readership? Make more sales? Build your business’s reputation? Improve SEO?
  4. Do you have a clear focus on who your audience is and the content they find valuable and most engage with?
  5. Would you like help to create content other than just traditional blog posts, like long-form articles, white papers, infographics, or case studies?

    using a content writer to create valuable content for your small business blog

  6. Do you spend a lot of time brainstorming topics for your blog?
  7. If you could provide the bullet points or ideas you want to be conveyed on a topic and have someone else turn that into a full article for you, would that save you time and effort?
  8. Do you need assistance with optimizing your content for search and readability?
  9. Would your blog posts benefit from including engaging visuals to demonstrate the points made within them?
  10. Do you need assistance creating social content to help promote your posts once they go live to increase your reach and engagement?

What to Do When The Answer is Yes

Here’s the thing: turning your blog writing over to a professional content writer is the easy part. The hard part is that it is not always easy to find someone who writes well and who understands your voice, so they won’t miscommunicate your message or make it painfully clear that you paid someone to write on your behalf.

Take your time to find someone who fits your voice, personality, and company’s mission. It will ensure that the content you share is always top quality, well reflective of your brand, and truly valuable for your readers.

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