10 Proven Blogging Topics That Work for Every Business

10 Proven Blogging Topics That Work for Every Business
10 Proven Blogging Topics That Work for Every Business

Are you struggling to create a list of blogging topics for your business?

Don’t worry- you are not alone. Most business owners we talk to say that creating engaging content for their business blog week after week is a time-consuming process.

If you have been blogging for a while, you’d agree that often it is the starting point, or deciding the blog title, which is the most difficult. To help speed the thinking process, we have compiled a list of ten blogging topics that can work for any business blog.

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As you go back and forth on deciding what to write about, remember that any blogging topic that tells your target readers Who you are as a company’ and How you can help them is worth writing.

10 Proven Blogging Topics That Work for Every Business

Here are 10 quick blogging topics that can work for any business. We’ve broken them down into topics that tell customers about your business and those that tell your customers how you can help them.

Blogging Topics That Tell Customers About the Business


1. Why Did You Start the Business?

Although an ‘About Us’ page on your website will detail some of this information, a blog is your opportunity to share a more personal side of the story.

  • What was your prime motivation behind starting the company?
  • Describe the problem/need that you wanted to address.
  • Describe your business services.
  • What were some of the initial trials and tribulations of starting the business? How did you overcome the challenges?

2. Values Driving You as a Company

Answer these questions:

  • What values do you think are essential for a small business to thrive?
  • What are the ethics driving your people in every aspect of the business?

3. Are You a Responsible Company?

Every business can do something to be a socially responsible company. It could be supporting a charity, using green energy, procuring raw materials responsibly, or ensuring that the office waste is recycled or put to good use.

For instance, if you run a food truck business, you could talk about how your business feeds ‘X’ number of homeless people for free every month, or how you ensure that the fresh produce is sourced from organic farms.

4. Company Announcements

When written well, blog posts on changes at the company can make for interesting sound bites, and are a good opportunity to create free PR.

  • Are you hiring new staff to expand your business?
  • Are you opening a new store or launching a new product?
  • Perhaps you have reached a new company milestone.
  • Alternatively, write a post on an industry award or a local recognition awarded to your business.

5. Contests

Create a series of ‘coming soon’ posts to build a sense of excitement about customer contests and other promotional offers. You could even make the contest a regular feature of your business blog, which will create a higher recall value. Remember to include lots of photos.

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Blogging Topics That Tell Customers ‘How You Can Help Them’

6. How Do Your Products or Services Make Life Better for Your Customers?

What are the problems/concerns/lapses that lead customers to seek out your services?

Talk about the common difficulties faced by your target audience and what steps they can take to overcome those problems. End the post by offering your product or service to address those problems.

For instance, one of the primary services provided by our company is content marketing, which includes creating blog content for clients. So many of the posts on our business blog revolve around blogging do’s and don’ts for small business owners.

7. Answer Common Problem Areas of Your Customer

Create a series of ‘DIY’ or ‘Top Tips’ posts to share your know-how and experience. For example, if you are an interior design firm, you could write posts on ‘decorating an office space on a budget’ or ‘X design tips to make a small room look large.’

To get an understanding of what questions your customers want an answer to, you could do the following –

  • Speak to your customer service and sales team to find out common questions asked by clients.
  • Use sites like Quora to search for questions people are asking about your product/service
  • Create a free online customer survey to know what your customers are thinking; then use that feedback to produce content your readers will enjoy.

8. Customer Testimonials and Improvements Made

When you receive great feedback from a customer, ask for their permission to turn it into a post for your business blog. You can use the post to encourage other customers to share their stories as well. To take it a step further, share how you use customer feedback to make changes in the way you do business.

9. Industry Trends or News: Local and International

Help your customers stay informed about what’s happening in your industry (domestic and international trends) and how it impacts them. If you attended an industry conference recently, what new information did you learn from the people at the event? Sharing how things are evolving in your industry will help establish credibility.


10. Interviews with Prominent Personalities and Trend Setters in the Industry

You’ll be surprised how willing most people would be to participate in an interview discussion if only you ask them. And you don’t have to fly in to meet an industry expert. The interview can be conducted on Skype, on call, or even via an email questionnaire. The trick is to do your research and ask questions your readers want answers to.

Once you create the initial list of blogging topics for your business, critically evaluate if your readers would be interested in that information, and what would be the best way (video, text, infographic, images) to communicate with your audience. Finally, as you begin the writing process, ensure that you don’t make these common blogging mistakes.

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