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Monthly Content Marketing Packages

One of the biggest struggles we see entrepreneurs and small business owners face is growing their following and increasing website traffic. And while one of the best solutions to do this is by creating content (blogs, articles, etc.), many who try often don’t see the results they want or expect.

Why is that? In our experience, it is typically a combination of three things:

  1. Content that is not well written (bad grammar, spelling errors, etc.)
  2. Content that does not speak to the target market
  3. A non-effective or incomplete marketing strategy

You can pump as much content as you want out on the world wide web, but if your message is not well written, people won’t read it. If you don’t write content that your target market wants to know, they’ll ignore you. If you don’t have an effective and complete marketing strategy, no one will ever find you.

About Our Content Marketing Packages

Our monthly content marketing packages are designed to solve these three issues so that the content you are sharing with the world is of the highest written quality and error free, speaks to your target market and reaches them where they hang out so instead of waiting for them to find you… you’ve already found them.

If you are ready to up your content game and start getting more website traffic and social followers, our monthly content marketing packages are the perfect solution. Each package is designed to provide a different level of exposure – from just starting out and testing the waters to the Max Package, which we call the Full Monty and offers you maximum exposure.

Getting started is simple! Just choose the monthly package that fits your needs and budget and you’ll be on your way to growing your business! Because nothing happens overnight and there is a lot of work that goes into putting these packages together, there is a three-month minimum for each package. After the three months, you will be charged automatically for each month and can cancel at any time.

Don’t see the combination of services you need in one of the packages? We are happy to create a custom package that fits exactly what you need to start building your website traffic and reach.

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