About VirTasktic

Founded in 2011, VirTasktic was created to serve as a resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses who needed a long-term trusted partner to whom complex tasks could be confidently delegated.

VirTasktic’s success has pivoted greatly on two major factors:

  • Carolyn’s 20+ years’ experience and success in business management and operations, primarily in the small business and entrepreneurial start-up environment.
  • A belief that to be successful you need to surround yourself with the smartest, most talented people you can find.

Each member of the VirTasktic team is vetted and has to pass the ultimate test… impressing Carolyn! She is a perfectionist and demands the best, no exceptions.

Her team knows it, and they all have the work ethic, mindset and skills to deliver. They know there is no room for drama, excuses or anything less than 150% – and they thrive on providing the best to all clients.

This is how VirTasktic has become a trusted and respected resource for a multitude of business owners who have found success, both personally and professionally, by employing their services.

A Note From Our Founder

carolyn crummey

“I look at running a business the same way i look at raising my children – with attention and care and by providing a solid base that sets the direction of growth.  Neither is easy, but I have been extremely successful at both!”

– Carolyn Crummey